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Chicken Salad - Goi Ga

This cool and delicious Chicken Salad, also known as goi ga, makes the perfect dish or appetizer to have at family gatherings. There are actually different versions of this dish. One version of the salad includes raw carrots and cabbage, but if you are not a fan of those that’s totally fine as this specific recipe doesn’t include it!




Step 1

  • Cut your onions into thin slices and put them in a bowl of water (this will help remove the spiciness of the raw onions)

  • After every 5-10 minutes, remove and replace with new water.

Step 2

  • Remove the stems of the coriander, so you are only left with leaves.

  • Use a pair of scissors and cut the bigger leaves into small bits.

Step 3

  • Boil the chicken for about 20 -25 minutes or use a rice cooker to let it steam.

Step 4

  • Once it has been cooked, take it out and let it cool for 5 minutes before shredding the chicken into strips.

  • In a bowl, add the sugar and hot water to help dissolve it.

  • Then, add your fish sauce, lemon juice, black and white pepper (you may add more to your liking)

  • Macronutrients

    • Protein: 29g (14%)

    • Carbs: 8g (4%)

    • Fat: 6g (3%)

  • Serving - 218Cal

  • High protein

  • Lower blood pressure

  • High in Vitamin B, C, and Potassium

**If you are interested in more fusion recipes and analysis, download my cookbook below. **

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